Mia Soza – General Manager

gm@kbga.org | (626)827-5995

Lava Lamp enthusiast, local KBGA billboard, ’17-’18 General Manager. Hopes to be reincarnated as a Magic 8 Ball someday.

Jess Sheldahl – Program Director

pd@kbga.org | (406) 880-8990

When she’s not chilling in her awesome van listening to Doomtree, Jess is chilling at KBGA avoiding her journalism homework. If you know any good female rappers, she wants to hear about them. Her main goal in life is to convince everyone in Missoula be a DJ at KBGA.

Ian Baldessari – Promotions Manager

promotions@kbga.org | 541-788-9080

Ian Baldessari is a journalism major hailing from Bend, Oregon. Missoula’s music scene is what makes him proud to call this place his home. Ian works with local promoters and entertainers to throw sick shows and raise awareness for dope music in Missoula.



Julia Maxon – Business Manager

business@kbga.org | (865)696-4886

Hailing from a little salty city in Utah, Julia is happy to be in Missoula and fallen in love with all the adventures and experiences it has to offer. If she’s not studying or working, she’s probably somewhere in Missoula on her bike happily bumpin’ to some tunes!






Ian Siepker – Volunteer Coordinator

volunteer@kbga.org | (626) 827-5995


KBGA is the best radio station in the world and it’s my goal and my privilege to wrangle as many people as possible into getting involved. You will be assimilated.


Shae Warren – Media Director | (406)431-9676


Hi, I’m Shae! I’m a junior double majoring in Journalism and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I like tacos, the Oxford comma, and being right. My favorite pastimes include talking too loud, scrolling through Cher’s twitter, and looking at pictures of dogs on the internet.

Brennan DeBoer – Music Director

md@kbga.org | 973-800-7720

I’m a straight edge Jersey boy who loves Snoop Dogg and one-upping people.

Nic Goodrich – Productions Engineer   

productions@kbga.org  | (406) 241-6193

The watchful eye of this broadcasting vessel. If you hear stomping, it’s just him dancing atop the crow’s nest.

Delaney Cummins –

Community Outreach Coordinator

community@kbga.org – (406) 465-4537

Artist, writer, and rock god specializing in health food and media arts/journalism. Lover of the community. Has weaponized hair. Can identify cuts of meat. Will draw you. Donna from “That 70’s Show”. Interests: Making things, making things happen, wiener dogs, animation, spray paint, comics, karaoke, MMA, 80’s hair metal, cut-off sleeves.


Melissa Loveridge – Web Content Manager 

web@kbga.org | (406)740-2453

I study journalism and write news. I also run the KBGA social media accounts and edit the website! I love being loud and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.

Ellis Vaughn – Office Assistant 

radio@kbga.org | 

Ellis is a Creative Writing major who wants to keep KBGA great as much as he loves new music and buying books for the shelf of stuff he hasn’t read yet. Tell him how you like your coffee, and what’s cool in Missoula.