Christian Mu – General Manager | (406) 868-4688

Christian has worked at KBGA the entirety of his adult life and has had his world outlook and identity drastically shaped by the station so much so that he has become some sort of radio-cyborg-entity with the sole purpose of KBGA reformation and thusly world domination.

Jess Sheldahl – Program Director | (406) 880-8990

When she’s not chilling in her awesome van listening to Doomtree, Jess is chilling at KBGA avoiding her journalism homework. If you know any good female rappers, she wants to hear about them. Her main goal in life is to convince everyone in Missoula be a DJ at KBGA.

Ava Pepprock – Promotions Manager | (406) 241-8172

The one who is out and about, spreading the word of KBGA. Throwing sick parties and partnering with other entertainment crews to share our love for music and community.

Brenna Love – Business Manager | (406) 396-7462

As a local Missoulian, I’m excited to work at this gem of a local culture hub. I’m here to help KBGA find the funding we need to send cool noises out over the airwaves for you guys. Have any thoughts, questions, ideas, theories about local non-commercial non-profit educational college radio? Know of a business or event that would could do some cool stuff with KBGA? Reach out to me; I’d love to chat. Let’s get to business!

Mia Soza – Volunteer Coordinator | (626) 827-5995

Mia is your Volunteer Coordinator, media henchman, and all around KBGA dude. She’s always looking for fun and creative ways to get people involved, so if you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, hit her up! She loves KBGA and knows you will too.

Oliver Tolman – Media Director

My main goal is to provide the radio station with new and interesting content beyond the airwaves. Working with various artists, venues and festivals, locally and regionally, I bring the station a wide array of photography, videography and interviews, giving a greater depth and culture to the stations website and social media avenues.

Kyle Verhovshek – Music Director | (406) 396-1532

I became a DJ and radio person because music makes things feel ok. I started writing because I enjoy the click-clack of a keyboard and don’t really like exercise that much.
If you want me to listen to your music, don’t send a press kit about how you were inspired to write the tracks or how “essential” the album is. Send me a CD-R with a cracked jewel case and a track listing written on the back of your cell phone bill, preferably stained with coffee, ketchup, or guacamole.

Brennan DeBoer – Music Director | (406) 800-7720

I’m a straight edge Jersey boy who loves Snoop Dogg and one-upping people.

Nic Goodrich – Productions Engineer | (406) 241-6193

The watchful eye of this broadcasting vessel. If you hear stomping, it’s just him dancing atop the crow’s nest.

Alex Kim – Community Outreach Coordinator

“Rice makes the world go round.” – Alex Kim


Ian Siepker – Assistant Program Director

Here to fill in the cracks and pick up the slack. Constantly on the hunt for music that makes me feel as alive as Angel Olsen does.

Luke Nicholson – Office Assistant | (406) 240-9481

Luke Nicholson, trapped in a world he never made.

Maggie Ashley – Underwriting Coordinator | (406) 240-9481

Maggie is the Underwriting Coordinator for KBGA and loves the energy of the station and the city of Missoula. She’s constantly searching for podcasts to listen to and news books to read. Always down to formulate a nexus of ideas and work with this marvelous community!