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Kapture, and his scope of Montana electronic music.
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“For me, playing in bands was really always all about the fun of it: throwing guitars around, playing way too loud, and putting on a performance. That’s a feeling that I try to continue in my music today, and I … Read More

An interview with The Motet
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Introduction and interview by Luke Nicholson “I’ll say this… writing has to be genuine in order to truly connect. Because of that, I never go into writing a song with a particular agenda. I want the relationship between the song … Read More

The Shook Twins on rejecting an American Idol offer, The Mysterious Golden Egg and more.
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“We truly feel like music shouldn’t be a competition; it should bring people together and bring joy, not separate ourselves and cause anxiety!” The Shook Twins are not indie-folk. So, for all you Missoulian’s who’d like to write them off … Read More