Khronikle Issue #2

Volume 1 Iss.# 2- July 5th, 2013

Kate Morris is KBGA’s July DJ of the Month. She has recently covered 24,396 hours, all with the enthusiasm that attracts new volunteers to our fold. Her shows sound well prepared and she peppers her commentary with local info. The Award is based on a combination of factors, including consistency in appearing for shifts (your own or otherwise), quality of show, volunteerism, and promoting the station positively among station members and the community.

So why does KBGA’s playlist rock so hard? Because we have not only two great Music Directors, but also eight dedicated Assistant MDs. These AMDs each add two to ten more albums every month from different genres. If you’ve played anything from the playlist recently, you probably played one of their submissions. The full-time MDs parse through hundreds of albums, and having these AMDs allows the station to dive into a broader variety of music. AMDs take music relayed to them from the MDs and also research music themselves. The AMDs are: Tom DaileyJazz; Brian Ramirez Hip-hop; Carly D’Andrea – “RPM” (rarely punk or metal?); Rashid Abdel GhafurMetal; Reggie Herbert Loud; Kevin Wright Americana; Russ RoyBlues; Chris JusticeWorld. Even if you are not an AMD, you can add an album that you think fits our mission of providing the community a diverse listening experience. Contact one of these AMDs or MDs Sean Rudolph and Dane Hansen.

Do you have a promo for your show? Make one and get your show promoted! I did mine in less than an hour, and if you don’t know how to do it, it’s really easy to coerce Production Engineer Duane Raider into doing it, plus that’s his job. Then tell Promotions Director Sean Janzer to get it on the promo schedule, because that’s his job, and you’ll have DJs promoting your show throughout the week.

General Manager David Tyson has begun exploring costs and a timetable for making our studios compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act after attending an on-campus seminar regarding ADA compliance. This will result in making doorways wheelchair accessible and will probably mean more room in the alcove after the removal of some shelves. A work schedule has not yet been developed, but we might be able to expect something early this Autumn.

After years of waiting, a “Ripping Station” is on its way. The concept of installing a computer that would be able to store and play much of the music in our CD library has been floated, nearly implemented, tabled again, and resurrected for nearly five years. The station has purchased the computer and is now establishing a date to begin the installation process. After installation, DJs will be able to play music that has been “ripped” into the computer, eliminating the CD chase, or the disappointment of finding the right case only to open it and find the contents missing. New music entering the playlist will continue to be introduced via hard-copy CD, but much of the archived library will be phased out.

Some of the less delicate-minded DJs among us have been manhandling our headphones, rendering them busted. Our headphones are an exhaustible resource, and so is our money; hence, we get dinky little headphones that are not as nice as the ones we’ve been used to. Let’s take care of our equipment, because I like having nice things. Don’t you? Installation of a surveillance camera in the studio is an idea that was floated at a recent station meeting in order to counter the effects of our whacky DJs that leave CDs out of their cases, “accidentally” take CDs home with them, spill food, and generally have no regard for the house rules or common courtesy. That discussion ended when it was determined the camera would go missing after about 48 hours. For now, please encourage your fellow DJs to put away that which they pulled out.

KBGA News Director Ruth Eddy is coordinating interviews between DJs and Total Fest XII bands. If you are interested in recording a phone interview with a particular band ( contact Ruth by phone (708)802-3708 or email at

KBGA began sponsoring/hosting a weekly pub trivia event called 2sDay Trivia. Tom Helgerson / Lord Topia is the triviamaster at the event held Tuesday at the “Ole Beck” VFW Post #209 from 8:00pm. Winners get a $25 bar tab, second place gets a round of shots, and everybody else gets jealous.

The red numbers displayed on that doo-dad on top of the CD decks indicate the station’s broadcast signal bandwidth. The Federal Communications Commission – a.k.a. “The FgoshdarnCC” – requires that we record those three numbers every hour in a log. Our ability to broadcast as an emergency transponder is critical, and pretty much the only reason we’re granted a license is because we serve as an emergency transponder in case the Commies attack. If we transmit outside our bandwidth, we may interfere with other stations’ ability to broadcast. But the real reason you should care is because the FgoshdarnCC told you to.

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