Khronikle Issue #4

August 22, 2013 in KBGA Khronikle

Volume 1 Iss.# 4- August 22nd, 2013


I’m going to touch on this again because it’s probably the single most important topic for me as DJ Rep; Volunteers needed. KBGA is operated by volunteers, and there are a whole lot of things this station does – beyond broadcasting the best damn program schedule in the universe – that connect us with our immediate community. Activities that allow the community to meet us require many hands, hands of people who give a darn about the state of culture, art and music in Missoula as well as on campus. Volunteer hours are not just for new trainees. There is no shortage of need for help. -JVD

DJ of the MONTH

Derek Martinez / Big Billy has been named August DJ of the Month. He hosts The Rock Mine show every Wednesday night from 12, presenting “classic rock” deep cuts. A DJ of the Month is selected each month, and the awardee receives access to a show sponsored by KBGA. Congrats, Derek!


Content Manager Christian Mu succeeded early last month in launching the new website for the station (I hope you already know it’s at It is running smoothly, and navigation is rather intuitive. DJ profiles were taken down for this big move, and Christian is preparing to put up a new page for them. If you have a regularly scheduled show and you don’t know what DJ profiles are, you need to talk to his or JSB.

Christian is also endeavoring to make the site as comprehensive as possible. If you know of any interviews, photos, articles or anything with a URL that KBGA, its staff or DJs have been involved with since 1996, let his know so it can enjoy the light of day once again.


Pinback with Octagrape    –  Fri. Aug. 30th
From 9pm at the Top Hat Lounge

KBGA Station Meeting      –  Tue. Sept. 3rd
From 5pm in the UC

Titus Andronicus                –  Tue. Sept. 3rd
From 9pm at V.F.W. Ole Beck Post # 209

DJ Training                          –  Sat. Sept. 7th
Contact staff for location and time.

Birthday Bash                   –  Sat. Sept. 14th
From 9pm at V.F.W. Ole Beck Post #209


Program Director John Sam Brown accepts Show Proposals from eligible DJs at any time, regardless of openings in the Program Schedule. There are currently two open time slots. If you have an idea for a show, grab a Show Proposal form from Studio 1 and submit it. If you don’t have an idea for a show but wish you did and are motivated enough to commit to a show, talk to JSB.

If you have an item you would like added to this bi-weekly newsletter, please notify the DJ Rep at