An Interview With Rooster Sauce

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“ We don’t really want to sound like Kiss or the Stooges. We just want the crowd to have fun.”

“Rooster Sauce” is the band you’ve never heard of in it’s almost ten years of existence in Missoula – either because of their three-year hiatus, their preference for underground venues or making you party so hard that you’ve reached a state of nirvana, transcending the concept of memory.

“Rooster Sauce” will be playing KBGA College Radio’s EndOfThon, March 4th, at the last show hosted by The Palace Lounge. David Jones, a founding member and Aaron Soria, the current drummer sat down to talk about the origin of the band’s name, the arc of their rock opera album and their power chord, party band sounds.

rooster sauce top hat 1

Where did the name Rooster Sauce come from?

Jones – We couldn’t agree on a name for a couple months while we were writing the songs to start playing the band. Easter Egg Boy [Chris] wanted to call us, or Nugget Man, and he’s like “What about the Gaywads?”.

And I’m like The Gaywads? Think about the backlash, and we’re all very liberal people. I don’t want to deal with that backlash. But this was back then – times were different.

Brownfinger was another idea. My brother was the first calendar boy for The Independent, he created the eight days a week. The Rhino, of all places, use to do shows back then in the 90’s, and they would never call The Independent and let them know who was playing.

So he just started to make up band names, so he would be like “Once again, Friday night, Brownfinger!” That was his favorite go-to. Finally, The Rhino had to call the Editor-In-Chief and say “Stop this calendar guy, everyone keeps showing up and asking for this Brownfinger guy.”

So Chris and I were sitting at the break table one day at work and he looked at a bottle of Sriracha and said “Rooster Sauce! Rooster Sauce! That’s it!”, and I was like “Yeah, whatever, we just need a fucking name.” That was it.

How would you describe the music that you play?

Soria – Psychedelic rock and roll, with some art.

Jones – Kind of garage rock base. We like to be a sundry but agnatic band. If we want to write a country song, we’ll write a country song, we have. Or let’s do an homage to classic rock and we’ll do that. It’s a garage rock, fun, party back that has the arms to stretch out and say we want to write a fucking country song or a psychedelic rock song.

People often turn a blind eye to why people become homeless, addicted to drugs or criminals, yet in Liability, you offer a perspective of empathy. Why?

Its all about empathy. We are going to need a lot more of that shit if we are going to make it in this new world. Everyone is born a cute lil baby. Innocent. No one WANTS to end up homeless, or a drug addict. No one would ever consciously choose that path. Not everyone can be born into the Kardashian family. Circumstance is a bitch. I’ve lived dangerously close to these things, and have been lucky enough to come out relatively unscathed.

rooster sauce palace 2
Rooster Sauce playing at The Palace Lounge

What was your first show like?

Jones – Our first show was where the Savoy is, in 2007 I think, it was on Easter Sunday. I was Doctor Koala that night, and [Chris] was dressed up as an Easter egg.
There was a good handful of people that showed up, and I could tell, just by the reaction that this is either going to work or go down in flames because people don’t know what to think about this. And it worked.

Let’s talk about the theme of your Rock Opera Album, “Fantasma dell’Opera”?.

Jones – Before our little hiatus, we were already established as a Halloween band, because we dressed up in costumes and it was performance art in a way. A lot of our songs are horror themed too – we have a lot of songs about monster movies.

It’s not so much a theme, but a carry-over from the last two albums.

Rooster Sauce preforming “Werewolves In Brooklyn”

Don’t opera’s have a story arc to them?

Soria – I would say this is a compilation of stories – we have a song called Sex Witch. It’s about a guy meeting this girl and then she’s a witch, but she’s a sex witch!

Jones – It’s a horror themed bend of [being] on the run. We have a song called Werewolves in Brooklyn, where The New York Dolls chase Rooster Sauce out of a party.

Soria – I like Extermination. It’s about an alien invasion – aliens try to come to earth and party.

Jones – It’s slightly political themed. They just watch us and realize how foolish we are as a species and they just leave.

Soria – They don’t kill us.

Soria – That’s kind of the end of the opera. They’re like “These guys have just fucked up this place and failed. Let’s go.”

So what bands would you guys say you sound like?

Jones – We don’t really want to sound like Kiss or the Stooges. We just want the crowd to have fun.

I’m a power chord riffer, so it’s easy for me to jump off my amp and over [Aaron’s] drums while we play our songs, and that’s fun to watch for some people. We want it to be a show – every show has to be a show.

Soria – It’s all about energy. We’re a party band, so if we don’t put out that energy, we got to start the party. The louder, more active we are on stage the more fun we have overall.

Rooster Sauce will be playing at KBGA’s EndOfThon, March 4th.

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This interview was produced in partnership with Missoula Community Access Television (MCAT).

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