PROF talks about bar breaking, artistic expression and his new album, Liability

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“I go hard bro. Every. Fucking. time.”

From BIO – the newest signee to Rhymesayers Entertainment, is already a legend on the southside of Minneapolis. With three self-released albums, plus three additional mixtapes of exclusive material already under his belt, it should come as no surprise he’s been tirelessly making music for over a decade.

While he’s continued to develop over that time, both musically and artistically, he’s also fine-tuned his live show to such a spectacle that he’s undeniably made a lasting impression on the scene. As an entertainer, Prof shows incredible diversity. Whether artistically, or characteristically, he purposefully maneuvers between the parallels of inconceivable experiences and extraordinary fantasies. From the factual to the fictitious, there’s seemingly no end to the number of unique narratives or deliveries at his disposal.

Once considered the underdog, Prof has fought his way to the forefront of the scene and amassed a ravenous following along the way.

What’s up with the name, PROF?

PROF: Yeah pretty wack name, huh? It was just sort of placed on me. A basketball nickname. I wish I woulda chose my own name. I woulda picked something dope like, Action Bronson or some shit.

Liability views the world as a harsh environment that can change someones person. What inspired you to write about that?

The harsh environment, bro. The times and the people and the booze and the drugs and the poor and the rich and everything in between. Thats what inspired me.

People often turn a blind eye to why people become homeless, addicted to drugs or criminals, yet in Liability, you offer a perspective of empathy. Why?

Its all about empathy. We are going to need a lot more of that shit if we are going to make it in this new world. Everyone is born a cute lil baby. Innocent. No one WANTS to end up homeless, or a drug addict. No one would ever consciously choose that path. Not everyone can be born into the Kardashian family. Circumstance is a bitch. I’ve lived dangerously close to these things, and have been lucky enough to come out relatively unscathed.

PROF’s 2015 release, Liability

You sexualized a lot of woman in your music, even ones that wouldn’t be considered mainstream attractive. What’s your message towards all the woman out there?

Eh… compared to the radio, I would hardly say I’m rapping about hoes and bitches much. But yeah, I was raised in a family of women, and i love all woman. All shapes and sizes. Rock on.

PROF and partying seem to go hand and hand – how does that come out at your shows?

I go hard bro. Every. Fucking. time. (side note, you dont need to be drunk to party)

PROF’s music video for “Bar Breaker”

How do you take a hip-hop culture that was originally not convinced for white people and create into your own artistic expression?

I’m an artist. I don’t find it hard to express myself. Give me a banjo, and i’ll figure it out. As far as Rap tho, there is something to be said about understanding the history and culture. Honestly, I don’t think hip hop is asking for anything out of the ordinary. Respect and learn about all people and cultures general, and you’ll be just fine.

What’s your approach or personality you take when you post to social media?

I mostly just post compilation videos of elderly folks falling into water.

If you could fill a bathtub with anything but water, what would it be?
$100 bills. Maybe diamonds?

To all the fans out there who are curious – how do you not give a fuck?

Fuck you.

PROF will be playing at Monks, February 17th.

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