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Partygoers are Missoula’s premiere house band, playing the dance-y tunes you definitely don’t want to miss. The duo is playing KBGA’s Endofthon on March 2nd, along with Innasci (formerly Breakfast for Dinner), Sunraiser and Rooster Sauce.

Partygoers is made up of Charlie Apple on synth and computer and Aaron “Trickshot” Johnson on drums. Apple and Johnson fuse hip-hop, electronic and house with blues and country vibes in all of their music, a skill that is especially apparent on their newest album. Apple live mixes and DJ’s while Johnson drums.

The duo recently returned from a tour in Oregon and Washington, but said they are frequently inspired by the Missoula region.

“We live in an exotic place.”

They said blending all of the different sounds has been an intricate process. They have collected hundreds of samples to mix into their music, finding inspiration in music they’ve listened to and from their own lives.  

“All of those songs were forged out of life experiences,” Apple said, “So, as we come up with new material, we’ll play it live for months before we really decide to do anything with it. Everything is tested.”

Johnson agreed. “We call it ‘road testing,’” he said.

Partygoers will be playing KBGA’s Endofthon on March 2 at the Badlander.


Facebook: @partygoersmusic

Instagram: @partygoersmusic

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