Volume 1 Iss.# 1- June 14th, 2013

In 2011 a crack unit escaped from a high-security prison into the Missoula underground. Today, still wanted by the public, they survive as DJs of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the KBGA*Team.

I’m recruiting. No, actually, I am gradually formulating plans to create a KBGA*Team from our membership. I want to find people who will:
· Commit their time to KBGA events as volunteers and put on a happy face for the community
· Coordinate with scheduled DJs / PD to make sure shows go on regardless of flat tires
· Encourage volunteer involvement from among KBGA DJs at all of our events
· Clean up after our slobs occasionally and enforce the heck out of studio rules

I see this as a group that will operate parallel to the paid KBGA Staff, to assist them in their coordinated endeavors, but more importantly to bolster the volunteer spirit of this organization and ensure that KBGA is taking advantage of the vast pool of talent provided by its DJ membership. If you are interested in being on the KBGA*Team and feel you can make at least a weekly 90 minute commitment to it for ONE YEAR, send an e-mail to djrep@kbga.org

– Jon Van Dyke
DJ Representative

Our staff set up a table at the Sunday Streets Northside event, conducted by Missoula In Motion. Passersby were invited to bang on drums, listen to a live KBGA broadcast, and enjoy the fair weather with members of the best radio station in the universe.

The University of Montana Oval will be the site of the 2nd (Annual?) KBGA Family Fair on Sunday, July 28th from 11a.m. to 5p.m. Last year, the event drew hundreds of guests, especially children, who enjoyed free activities including a bouncy castle, percussion instruments and a live performance by Shane Hickey and His Magical Ukulele. This year will feature a water slide and participation of organizations such as ZACC, MUD, ASUM Childcare, YMCA and more, with music from Blue Dream , Mattec M’blem and Spencer!, and an appearance by Monte. If you know of, or are part of, an organization that would be interested in being involved with this family-friendly event, please contact the KBGA Office at 406.243.6758 or radio@kbga.org.

If you were listening to 89.9 FM on Memorial Day, you will remember that you were not hearing anything other than the occasional scratch of static. The entire University area was without power from about 1p.m. until late into the night. Some facilities on campus were able to rely on back-up generators, including only some parts of the University Center, but not the station. Broadcast resumed at 6a.m. the following morning. A similar power outage occurred last June because of insufficient power in the UC during an event being held in the Ballroom. Staff are attempting to establish contingencies and contact information for UC staff in order to restore power in a more timely manner.

An official station flag is processing toward actual unfurling. Staff are considering organizing a march from UM Campus to the venue of the next Birthday Bash a la New Orleans funeral replete with brass band. Staff are also interested in submitting a KBGA float in the next Homecoming Parade in October. This will recover intensive volunteer commitment. If you have any ideas, contact DJ Rep Jon Van Dyke at 406.239.5975 or djrep@kbga.org.

Program Director John Sam Brown (a.k.a. DJ Beard’n’Glasses) is planning a new DJ training session for the weekend of July 20th. You have been warned.

Aside from traditional FM radios and internet stream, KBGA can be heard on an application called TuneIn Radio. This free-to-download application demands very little phone battery power, and draws from the actual FM broadcast, not the stream, so even if the stream were to become inoperative (‘cuz that never happens, right?) the broadcast would still be available via the app. Stations from around the world are also available. Tell a friend.

A committee has been created to identify outstanding members of our DJ membership and distinguish their hard work, dedication and style by establishing a “DJ of the Month” Award. The committee members are Kyle VerhovshekOffice Assistant; John Sam BrownProgram Director; Jon Van Dyke DJ Representative. Criteria for the award include but are not limited exclusively to:
· frequency of filling in for absent DJs
· quality of production
· participation in station events and meeting
· other traits demonstrating commitment to the KBGA Mission Statement.
Awardees will get cool goodies.

If you have an item you would like added to this bi-weekly newsletter, please notify the DJ Rep at DJRep@kbga.org