Volume 1 Iss.# 7- November 27th, 2013


Recent Khronikles have been few and far between, and there are a number of things of which to apprise you. Please take note of the upcoming events. Each one is important for its own reason, and your participation inherently enriches these events and this organization.

At any given time, enrolled students represent roughly half of the program schedule. The end of the semester looms like a titanic slice of pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream with too much gravy from the reheated turkey sandwich. Good luck in your academic endeavors!

During the months of December and January, many DJs travel away from Missoula. If you are a maverick DJ, this is a good time to keep an eye out for open shifts. Sometimes they come up last minute, sometimes weeks in advance, so keep checking.

The adage “No good deed goes unpunished” is perhaps truer at KBGA than anywhere else. The program director takes note of who fills in for shifts. The reward is that the program director texts you at 10:05pm to ask if you can fill in RIGHT AWAY. The other reward for this is greater consideration for your show proposal, and the good night’s sleep you get from knowing you did your good deed for the day.

While I still have your attention, see you at Moscow Monday on Dec. 2nd!      -JVD


Moscow Monday                 – Mon. Dec. 2nd at Montgomery Distillery 12pm – 8pm

Station Meeting                    – Tue. Dec. 3rd  in the UC somewhere, 6:00pm

Holiday Party                      –  Fri. Dec. 13th Location TBA, evening

Radiothon ‘14 –  Second Week of February All over the world


Montgomery Distillery, located downtown on Front Street, hosts “Moscow Monday,” its equivalent of Community Pint Night. One US Dollar from every cocktail sold goes to a local non-profit organization. December 2nd is our Moscow Monday. As a micro-distillery, they are allowed to serve no more than three drinks per customer.

This is also an opportunity for community members (read: prospective Radiothon donors) to see the faces behind the voices on the radio. Many people don’t think we really exist, that we are computer generated voices playing obscure crap from the electronic hipsterverse for our own gratification, subverting the city’s youth against the institutions of righteousness. While they are generally correct in this assumption, it is important that people know we are humans, too, and that we care about what (most of these) community members have to say.

Apologies to those unable to attend due to having post-Dec.-2nd-1992 birthdates.


It is just about time to begin preparations for KBGA’s annual fundraiser known as Radiothon. Staff have begun compiling lists of businesses to target for premiums (the gifts we give to donors for seeing it fit that their money becomes the station’s money). If you have any ideas about businesses or organizations that have not been approached in the past but might be an interesting addition, please notify Business Manager Nick Hawksley or Underwriter Allyssa Eide.

Many other factors must coalesce in order for Radiothon to succeed. A phone bank will be established in the office for the course of the week and volunteers will be needed to answer calls from early morning to late evening. If you are a regularly scheduled DJ, you can begin developing ideas for your live “Challenge” to get people calling in during your time slot.

Cheerleaders will be running into the studio regularly to take over the mics and urge people to call in with their pledges. If you are uncomfortable with this, please inform Program Director John Sam Brown as soon as is convenient.

Two station meetings will be scheduled to explain further details of Radiothon in January.


The ripping project took a step backwards earlier this month when it appeared that the purchase of proprietary software would be required to store metadata accessible for playback.

Activities resumed when a switch was flipped and Music Director Dane Hansen figured out how to have cake and eat it too. If you would like to help out with ripping our library to data format, a process that promises to take months to complete, please contact an office assistant. Speaking of which, Matt has something…

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS (without Michael MacDonald)

Looking to step out of the studio and spin your tracks in the community? Have an event, but no tunes? www.kbga.org now has a link on the homepage to a DJ request form! If you want an update when a request is made, please let me know at radio@kbga.org. I need to know what kind of equipment you have and what you need, and I need to know if you’ll be Live Mixing or just playing tunes (all some parties need is an MP3 player with a musically knowledgeable owner). Finally, I need to know if you’re able to enter bars. If you’re interested in taking your skills to the streets, let me know! -Matt Freeman, KBGA Office Assistant


I once saw Michael MacDonald play at the Tokyo Dome. Quite fun, actually.