Volume 1 Iss.# 6- October 25th, 2013

So I jumped the gun a little bit in the last Khronikle when I wrote nobody could remember the last time KBGA had participated in the Homecoming Parade. It was in fact only a couple of years ago. The station has represented itself with a bicycle float and a big bad bus.
On October 5th this year we returned to Higgins Avenue, loading a PA system into the back of my pickup in order to blast our sounds through the downtown canyon and across the bridge. A microphone attached to an extra-long cord allowed General Manager David Tyson to get the spectators involved as well. Staff gave out stickers and fancy program schedule brochures.
Although some people screamed out, “Kay Gee Bee Ayyyyyy” despite our call letters being right there in from of their faces, enthusiasm toward our presence was remarkable. In particular, apparent parents and their children – perhaps those who have taken part in the Family Fair – voiced their appreciation as we rolled by.
Our float was a fair representation of our operations: cheerful, low budget, partly planned but largely improvised, covered in yarn, and executed by volunteer hands. Though I rarely need reminding of the fact, it served as a reminder of what I love about the station, and what more remains to be done. -JVD
Station Meeting – Tue. Nov. 5th
From 6pm, in the UC
A Very KBGA Funksgiving -Fri.Nov.22nd
In the evening, UC North Ballroom
Moscow Monday – Mon. Dec. 2nd
All day, Montgomery Distillery
KBGA Christmas Party – Fri. Dec. 13th
Location determined, yet to be announced.
The 21st Century technology required to begin archiving KBGA’s library of sounds has been installed and is operational in the 20th Century quarters of the Music Directors (Room 206). Ripping of CDs has commenced, beginning with the electronica library. The system incorporates a robotic arm with two CD decks, which then read the data from the disc and store it. The process is simple, but the station has a lot of CDs, so if you have time to help out, or are a new DJ in search of volunteer hours, contact Program Director John Sam Brown.
Overdue DJ of the MONTH
The DJ of the Month (Of September…) is Kevin “The Captain” Sherwood. Other than hosting Friday afternoon’s Tape Hisss/CrackL + PoP, the Captain filled in for a few late-night shows here and there, volunteered his time for office duties, and DJed at my wedding.
Congratulations, Kevin.
Plans are currently being made to hold a donation-based funk party in the UC North Ballroom on November 22nd. There will be funk. Food donations need not be funky; in fact, only non-funkified food will be accepted as a donation. Live DJs will bring the funk, and we will give thanks for it.
Montgomery Distillery, located downtown on Front Street, hosts “Moscow Monday,” its equivalent of Community Pint Night. One US Dollar from every cocktail sold goes to a local non-profit organization. December 2nd is our Moscow Monday. As a micro-distillery, they are allowed to serve no more than three drinks per customer.
The next Station Meeting will be held on November 5th. Current issues regarding the studios will be discussed, as will plans for this year’s Christmas Party. There are two other topics I hope DJs will consider before that day: the prospect of sponsorship for individual shows on the program schedule; and the inclusion of weekly event announcements.
Some shows have found sponsorship from local businesses for their particular time slot. While sponsorship is not required for each show, this is an option for shows with a particular fan base that may include owners of local businesses.
Some local events are not announced until the day of the event. In order to include more community events, the station may begin either recording weekly event announcements or listing key events and allowing DJs to read off and explain in further detail events in which they are interested.
If you have any topics you would like to hear about or discuss at length at the meeting, please inform staff members so that adequate time can be allotted to the matter.
The float as it neared completion at the UM Homecoming Parade staging ground.
If you have an item you would like added to this bi-weekly newsletter, please notify the DJ Rep at DJRep@kbga.org