Volume 1 Iss.# 5- September 12th, 2013


Sunday Streets began in Missoula two years ago under the watch of Ben Weiss, big cheese at Missoula In Motion. She used to be General Manager of KBGA not so long before that. I remember that first Sunday Streets so well because it was one of the first activities I did with the station after completing training. The sun was out, people and bicycles filled Higgins Avenue all day long, and a brass band roamed hungrily like a pack of dingoes.

The event is held twice a year, and KBGA has been a supporter throughout. This year, the event was headed by former Promotions Director Drew Larson, who now works alongside Ben. Drew, however, is incapable of controlling the weather. Four of us arrived on site last Sunday to set up the KBGA tent; it was the best thing we could have done considering the rain.

Throwing caution to the wind, we stuck it out. The drum kit we had set up to allow the public to play around on proved too tempting for most four-year-olds and some forty-year-olds. We had a fun time, recruited a few prospective DJs, demonstrated our vital role in the community, listened to Gang of Fun, and stayed mostly dry. By afternoon, the sun had come out in full force and we forgave Drew for her weaknesses.

There is rarely a dull moment when volunteering with KBGA, and when there is, the radio is on in the background.   -JVD



Birthday Bash                   –  Sat. Sept. 14th 

From 7pm at V.F.W. Ole Beck Post #209

Spontaneous Construction – Sat.Sept. 28th 

From 10am at HomeReSource

Homecoming Parade          –  Sat. Oct. 5th 

In the am, N. Higgins and University Ave.


You may know that White Lung were scheduled to play at Birthday Bash on September 14th. You may also know that they had to cancel with less than a week before the day. Promotions Director Sean Janzer looked under every rock and log in the land and unearthed TV Ghost, who will be heading up here from Indiana to perform along with Serengeti and Jel. Garden City Gentlemen Arm Wrestling will also make an appearance earlier in the evening, so stick some cotton buds in your nostrils and earplugs where they’re supposed to go, and come down to give Sean a high five. DJs may pick up tickets in the office before 5pm, Friday, September 13th. Bash On!


Installation of the equipment and software required to begin digitizing the KBGA library has neared completion. It will allow DJs to bring up tracks from a digital library for live playback. Staff are learning the tricks, and training on the program will be announced shortly.


Production Engineer Duane Raider has floated the idea of holding seminars for DJs interested in learning the ways of Adobe Audition, the program on which our mentions, specialty shows and news stories are produced. The simple functions of the program are easy to learn, but there is a lot more to it. If you wish to learn from the Master, seek her out in Rm. 208. A definitive date will be established when enough people show interest, and a sign-up sheet will be posted in the studio.


KBGA will field a team for Spontaneous Construction again this year. This event, held annually at Home Resource, draws teams from around the community who are challenged to put together SOMETHING from surplus materials at Home ReSource in four hours. Items are then auctioned, proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. KBGA teams in the past have created a cat hotel and a plink-o game. The plink-o game drew the second highest sale price in 2011, but the cat hotel looked more fun. The event starts at 10am on Saturday, September 28th and is open to the public. There is a master craftswomen’s division, featuring “real” carpenters and mechanics, and an amateur division. Watching all the teams is fun. If you are interested in lending your skill / power tools / artistic insight to the KBGA team, contact a staff member immediately!


To the best of anybody’s knowledge, KBGA has never participated in the University of Montana Homecoming Parade. In this age of “Thrive” on the UM campus, ASUM-funded groups (that’s us) are being encouraged to take part in activities of this nature. Staff are currently considering proposals for a float to enter into the parade this year. The parade is scheduled for October 5th, which is just a little over three weeks away. I personally have not been to the Homecoming Parade since before I was an undergrad, which was before there was even a KBGA, and I think it is a stupendous opportunity that will require a lot of work. If you have any ideas for a float, or are able to help in bringing it to fruition, (space to work, tools, hands, building or decorating materials, etc.) contact the DJ Rep (me) or a member of staff.