Volume 1 Iss.# 3- July 26th, 2013



Thanks to Christian Mu for designing a pretty swell banner for this publication. It shall be worn for generations to come.

KBGA is fortunate to have a handful of people who care enough about this station to get paid minimum wage for a part-time job that is generally as time-intensive as… a really busy job that pays enough to send your kids to college. The actual operation of the station, however, comes down to the DJs – volunteer DJs – who love the station enough to produce and present shows regularly for free. Though it’s only a few hours each week, it’s a commitment that stems from an appreciation for community involvement.

Without volunteers, we are no longer the greatest radio station in the universe. Without our community, we are a podcast.

What can you, as a volunteer, do for the station? Can you give up time to hang out and talk to incoming freshmen? Can you stand behind a table and hawk t-shirts while everybody else is swilling ales and rawking out? Can you come in on a Saturday night and fill in for somebody? Can you face-paint little kids? Can you hand out flyers or solicit posters for events? If you passed DJ training, the answer to these questions is unequivocally, “yes.”

Volunteers are the heart and soul of KBGA. We should also be the face.                JVD

Correction: In the last issue the Khronikle wrote that Tom Helgerson hosts the pub trivia event held at the VFW every Tuesday night. In fact, the event is hosted by DJs Ranger Danger, Kosmic Kitten and MegaSeanTron; Tom Helgerson is their arch-nemesis who slings booze all night at this event.



Summer Family Fair II         – Sun. Jul. 28th

on the Oval 11am – 5pm

Station Meeting                    – Tue. Aug. 6th

in the UC somewhere, time TBA (6?)

Polyphonic Spree               – Tue. Aug. 13th

at the Top Hat from 8pm

Total Fest XII                   – Aug 15th – 17th

Take a gander at totalfest.org

Titus Andronicus                –  Tue. Sept. 3rd

at the VFW in the evening

Birthday Bash                 –  Sat. Sept. XXth

Location TBA (see LOCATION below)


KBGA is a proud sponsor and partner of Total Fest, now in its twelfth awesome year. The lineup is stellar. The organizators put in a lot of work for what many consider Missoula’s premier music festival, held in multiple venues in town. Volunteers are always needed. If you are interested, send an e-mail tovolunteer@totalfest.org


The first episode of “Live from Studio 2” aired last Sunday at 6pm. Production Engineer Duane Raider (the guy that produces all those funny mentions so I can’t take him seriously when he uses his News voice) and DJ Godmanga presented local bands Monks On Fire. The program will showcase local talent every other week.


You can’t fault the Missoula Art Museum for poor taste. When a fine artist has an installment at the M.A.M. and is in house to field questions about his or her work, they turn to KBGA for DJs to make the mood just right for schmoozing and sipping. Various DJs with a wide range of tastes have been asked to spin discs at their First Friday openings and other events, and they have approached the station again for support in this hope. If you are interested, contact Business Manager Nick Hawksley or Program Director John Sam Brown at the station (406)243-6758.


One of the topics that will arise at the next Station Meeting scheduled for August 6th is the possibility of changing location for this year’s Birthday Bash. Traditionally, the three major events* organized by the station have been held at the Palace – Badlander Compound, which allowed us to operate a somewhat self-contained event with acts performing upstairs and downstairs, practically eliminating the need to staff several doors as it is a three-venue (or five depending on… nevermind.) operation. The station’s fabled agreement with the Compound also purportedly included trades for mentions and other perks.

Recently, however, that arrangement was brought into question, partially due to the inclusion of a new establishment, Dickie’s, replacing the Central Pub, but also because of other, less favorable options laid forth for   the station by Compound management.

Further, the availability of several other venues in the community has risen, many of them providing an atmosphere that would allow for all-age (or at least 18+) attendance. One such venue is the outdoor, yet roofed, ice rink at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. Staff will investigate the site next week to determine whether it will allow for a multi-faceted event that is not exclusive to musical acts, of any genre.

This is an important topic for discussion, as it could open a number of possibilities for future events, and could integrally shape the way the public sees our ability to throw down. The merits of staying put and of stretching out need to be thoroughly considered. If we are to move, we also need to consider the ramifications, both positive and otherwise. DJs coming to the Station Meeting (and that’s everybody, right?) are asked to ponder this for a while and have some ideas or concerns to share.

*Summer Family Fair is this Sunday, and if as many attend this year, we may have to include it among our Four Major Events.