Volume 2 Iss.# 2- February 10th, 2014




Radiothon –         8 to 8 daily until Feb. 15th – (406)243-KBGA and at www.kbga.org

End-of-thon                  Doors 8pm, February 15th – The Roxy – Missoula’s Hip Strip



Radiothon ’14 kicked off with the “Gang of Fun” broadcast on Sunday with a flurry of calls all through the morning and into the evening. This year’s goal of $20,000 took a big smack to the face with $2,014 worth of donations from our loving listeners. A dozen new DJs-in-training and former General Manager Clark Grant volunteered their time to come in to KBGA World Headquarters and work the phone bank. In addition to the four Thon-dedicated telephones that answer to (406)243-KBGA from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., donations can be placed online for the first time ever at www.kbga.org, allowing 24-hour service to card holders around the world and across the street.

Local businesses have once again contributed some great premiums for our donors. As for station merchandise, along with the traditional hoodies, sweet satin jackets sporting the “wheat” logo are also in the works. Daily specials and challenges abound, so if you’re not already volunteering to help with the phone banks, tune in and find out.

There are also a few time slots that need more volunteers for answering phones. Call or drop in to find out specific hours. Even an hour of your time is valuable, and there are fine foods and drinks made available to volunteers from a variety of generous local businesses.


A new feature appeared last week on DJ playlists. Listeners can communicate with DJs by accessing the “Now Playing” tab on the website and logging in to the “Live Chat” widget. Comments will appear on the DJ playlist where they await approval or denial by the DJ (green “check” to approve, red “X” to deny). This allows multiple listeners to communicate with each other, adding a new dimension to the listening experience without tying up the busy DJ. Any DJ may also decline to open the Chat window. Because it is a new feature, it should be brought to listeners’ attention frequently (unless you just don’t want to deal with chat), along with simple instructions on how to get there.


This year, End-of-Thon will be held at the Roxy, Heart of the Hip Strip, and will feature local talent including but not exclusive to: Modality, The All Hail, Shramana, a play written by Kate Morris, a puppet performance from Bat Honey Puppets, stand-up comedy acts, and more. Radiothon will end on February 15th, a Saturday instead of the traditional Friday finish. Tickets will be $5, available in the office and at Ear Candy Records from February 1st. This is the last opportunity for KBGA to raise funds for Radiothon, so invite your friends to come out for a big time, blow an Abe Note on the door and party like it’s $19.99.


I turned on an old radio in my bedroom this afternoon and was amazed. Not only did the batteries still work, there was some amazing music pouring out of it, something I had never heard before. It was one of those moments we probably have all experienced once, or many times, in our lives – a moment where you hear something that makes you feel like the world is a different place suddenly, and maybe your parents won’t approve but it sure sounds right.

Then I looked at the dial. You know it was tuned to 89.9 FM. Then Sports Talk came on, talking about Griz basketball, my favorite sports topic. Then Lord Topia’s “Weird Missoula” came on… Where else in the region does this happen? I pose this rhetorical question, but then remember it actually also happens on our online streaming presence. My point is that we’re fulfilling our mission to provide refreshing alternative radio content to the community.

The reason KBGA can have an online presence (and bring great musicians to the stage from near and far, bring new music into the studios weekly, produce original news and entertainment programs, buy new equipment to replace outdated relics, and ensure that everybody in our community can have a voice) which helps us to continue with this mission is Radiothon.  You and I know this already. Do your friends? Does your family?

We DJs do our work for the station as volunteers; we love what we do, and that manifests itself in our shows. That isn’t enough to run a radio station though. Please do not feel embarrassed, ashamed or insincere when you ask people (on air and in person) to trade their money for premiums and merchandise. They get cool stuff, the community gets cool radio, and DJs get to keep putting together unique programming. Everybody wins.

It’s a huge goal this year. We need everybody’s help to reach it.

(406)243-KBGA (That’s 5242)


Spread the word.                    -JVD