A Swan, In His Pond

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By Sam Tolman


Swan, a.k.a Sven Arneson, working the radio board.

It’s a sunny Monday afternoon in KBGA studio, and Sven Arneson is halfway through his 2 to 4 P.M show. “Thank you for listening. Love you guys” Arneson says into the studio microphone, after wrapping up the names of various musical artists he played over the last hour. Arneson, also known by his DJ name, The Swan, played a medley of electronic, reggae and lo-fi music on his show, Swan In The Pond.

“[The show] started off with a lot more old school dub and reggae.” Arneson says “Now, it’s heavily electronic – ranging from electro funk to way more down tempo stuff.”

IMG_4353Arneson delivering an on-air public service announcment.

Arneson’s show has been on-air for just over two and a half years. Arneson volunteered to be a DJ on KBGA in part from working at KBGA in 2014. He says the show motivates him to find new music. “Selfishly, it helps me wanting to find new music to play for the audience, also helps me find new music for myself to listen to.” Arneson says. “I consider [my show] important – the music that chose to play is unique and may be something people don’t usually hear. People like electronic music, but I like to dig deeper and play songs that people haven’t heard before. ”

When Arneson is not in the studio, he works at The Glass Tree, as well as the Wilma and Top Hat, in part due to his time at as an underwriter at KBGA College Radio, making connections with businesses and individuals in Missoula. “Being an underwriter, talking to a bunch of different businesses, I had good relations with The Top Hat and The Wilma and was able to get a job with them pretty much because of working through KBGA.” says Arneson. “You get a lot of cool community outreach opportunities working here.”

You can hear Arneson, a.k.a The Swan’s previous shows here ,or tune in from 2 – 4 P.M every Monday afternoon.

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